About Us

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Tender Tummies is a baby central retail and distribution company focused mainly on adding value to today’s mothers through delivery of quality and affordable baby products. We saw the need for a specialty baby product retail store after we were unable to find a particular brand of baby food for our visiting nephew. We are a retail outlet that is focused on specific areas of new born and growing baby products, namely; baby/toddler food & feeding accessories, baby and children toiletries and bathing accessories, child proofing and safety products, baby/toddler accessories and Expectant and nursing mother care accessories

Our Vision

We aspire to provide top quality baby products that delight the senses of today’s parents who want to provide their children with a safe and comfortable environment to grow up in.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the consumer’s number 1 choice in baby products and accessories

Our Drive

Our driving force is to give mothers a place of variety in choosing the right products for their babies and growing children. We identified the limited options today’s mothers face in making decisions on the kind of product for their babies, hence Tender Tummies was born out a need to create varieties of opportunities for mothers to make informed decisions.